Thursday, February 11, 2010


Scarlet skies behold a bitter moon
Heaven's fury's bound to come soon
Whilst you reap tears of the weeping willow
Milky twilight trail I must seek and follow
In wistful blue dreams I drown and wallow
Oh pray should do so
Where..Oh where is the green faerie's moon?
Where is the cow who jumped over the moon?
Wont you lead me afar to the faerie moon..
Wont you take me away to the faerie moon...

sent jon off today...practice didnt go well...guess was kinda emo and moody....and when i came back...i read one piece manga....omg....made me even more sad....major just gonna say a main chara died....i have to go for training early tomorrow...i really dont feel like it...=(

oh i had strange dreams dreamed that i found a dead animal under my void was some squirrel skunk? im not sure...then i was like damn i have to bury another animal?...but while i was nudging woke up..and transformed into some other unknown looked like an evil black fawn...and it kept jumping around following me..wanting to be pat...kinda had razor sharp teeth though...and even though it looked really fluffy..its fluff was hard as armor....hahaha...oh and i was at da ocean and a bunch of water dragons rose outta water...fucking was lightning in da background and we needed da dragons' help for what i forgot....and da dragons had to come on land....but they didnt walk or swam in the air...they're da wingless species...hahaha and i got to ride fun!...alright..mata yume no jikan dayo...byeebyee

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