Friday, February 19, 2010

once again..naruto rocks my socks

"I don't care who I have to fight... If someone rips my arms off, I'll kick him to death... If he rips my legs off, I'll bite him to death... If he rips my head off, I'll stare him to death...and if he gouges my eyes, I'll curse him to death... Even if I'm torn to shreds...I'll find a way to take Sasuke back!

came across this quote while surfing naruto wikia....remembered being totally awed when naruto first said it to sai....i want to have this kind of determination.....haha....i wish there were narutos bright and warming.....

shio and i were bickering da other day...about pimps...LOL she was saying how she wouldnt mind being a pimp cos she'd earn money...and she's just da middle person..and how these sluts/whores are da ones at fault for wanting to earn money by sleeping i was telling her that it may not be something that they wanna do..maybe circumstances or what. even so..this is a product of desensitization. sex and morals being's just that society..masscommi and all...propagate such ideas whether intentionally or not...and it causes people to be indifferent to such things...and focus more on economic affairs and commercialism (not forgetting da art of outdoing..outclassing..and surpassing each other using whatever means possible lol) im here insisting that it's not their fault...and even as a middle person...though you are not at directly at'd be part of that entire dirty cycle..and you'd be indirectly encouraging girls to make easy money using morally wrong means. right rightt?? so shio said but she wouldnt be encouraging them...they are girls everywhere who are like that. yea so we started da argument again. LOL then she scold me naive and stupid...even if you tell these girls to find other ways to earn money or what...they'd still do it cos easy money. blah blah blah...but rather than being a part of this cycle. i rather be out of it and persuade them to not to do such things...haha..we bickered as if she was really gonna be a pimp..LOL in de end shio said no point world's not gonna change. then scold me naive again LOL then i said but da world is how obama's actions are moving people. then she said obama's da're not president. you want to be president is it?  HAHAHA i think our convo is damn funny. if im president...wahaha i cant even imagine. i think i'd trip while walking onto da podium. LOLOL

oh boy im doing nonsense at 6.40am....i've been awfully positive and annoying these's kind of disgusting HAHA...i'd always been fluctuating...between light and's like always wanted to believe...but things get me so i'd go hide in my world hating hole....but i guess recent events really got me believing and hoping again. so i wont waiver anymore....if this chance were to backfire certain that im never ever gonna go back into da light again. it'd be just like what shio says....da only light that illuminates da darkness is da light showing da dead end sign. so i really pray that that wont be da case...

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