Monday, February 15, 2010


i just found something totally fascinating and had to blog about it! 

the devil's everlasting contract with of the seven princes of hell...

"I'll be your comrade true,
Here to your service i will bind me.
Beck when you will,
I will not pause or rest.
But in return when yonder you will find me.
Then likewise shall you be at my behest."

and da mortal faust replies...

"The yonder is to me a trifling matter.
'Tis from this earth my pleasure springs,
And this sun shines upon my suffering;
If to the moment I shall ever say:
'Ah, linger on, thou art so fair!'
Then may you fetters on me lay,
Then will I perish, then and there!"

it's exactly like what they say when people supposedly sell their souls to get whatever they want in this life...but in da afterlife their souls would forever be bound to da devil...

okay dont ask me what im doing at 5 am in da morning..i dont know either hahaha

(p.s. happy lunar new year and valentine's day lol)

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