Friday, February 19, 2010

fish for thought

it just dawned upon me that im starting to hate humans less? or was it that i didnt really hate them in da first place? i dont hate people individually...but i blame humanity as a whole for causing da world to be like this? well that's a major generalization of course...i still cant bring myself to like people very much. if i could i wouldnt be having problems right now. i couldnt care less if people like me or not. LOL..and this is a major obstacle...stupid shit. i need people to like me to succeed. but i have to like them first. ugh. it shows a lot in my music. damnn..i like kids and old people though. kids cos they're still innocents. old people cos they've seen and been through they end up grumpy..or nice cos they realise what's truly important. lol animals still da best..i think i've got animal pheromone alice LOL's kinda strange..but totally awesomeee LOL i should shuddup and go sleep. and stop blogging cos i have nonsense stuck in my head. lolol. byebyeee

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