Monday, February 22, 2010

dreams of dragons

haha i dreamed about dragons again! 5 different dragons dead tired from an exciting night but at least my mental state is somewhat happy..lolol you know how sometimes when you'd wake up from a long night's rest but still feel soo tired and muscles are aching and all? i guess it's cos da you in dreams was running around and having fun. LOL sometimes i feel like i incur injuries from my dreams too..once i woke up feeling like someone punched me in da eye. hahaha oh oh..anyway my memory's kinda vague...ugh i hate it when i cant remember every single detail. yea but there was this hugeeeeeeeeee ass lake..and there were 5 sleeping dragons in it..and each dragon represented a different power. they were all of different colours too..there was a metal element one..that could turn into blades and slice stuff...and one that controlled water and could cause whirlpools and all....and i couldnt remember da rest......................stupid. anyway we needed to borrow da dragons' we had to go into da lake and try to wake we did and of course they were disturbed and angry cos like thousand years slumber and awoken by some idiot LOL so there was like a battle in da lake trying to calm them and get them to lend us their power...i was on da their backs being flung around like a doll LOL..yea but we managed to get them to aid they would transform into orbs of their elements...and we had to absorb them into our bodies...yea...i cant really remember why we need their powers or what state da world was in...sigh..hopefully there'll be a continuation tonight. lolol

Meaning of Dragons in Dreams
This large, mystical creature may represent large and mystical forces inside of you. In the Far-East it is believed that the dragons are spiritual creatures that navigate through the air and through the sky. In the West, dragons are considered to be dangerous creatures that need to be destroyed. As far as dream symbols go, the dragon may represent the enormous power in your unconscious. It could symbolize repressed unconscious material, including fear. However, the dragon in our dreams is generally a positive symbol. It may represent a period of time when the dreamer will confront his fears and empower himself to effectively cope with negative emotions, extreme materialism, and be able to obtain greater inner and outer freedom.

Dragon Traditions of Myth in East & West

Dragons have a deeply rooted connotation in Western culture associating them with evil, whereas in Eastern stories they can also be kind and are considered very wise

The Western Dragon Tradition

Western dragons aren't necessarily evil - but they often are. At the very least they tend to be solitary and bad-tempered.

The typical Western dragon - or Wyrm - is a large, scaly creature resembling a dinosaur or a large lizard. It usually has wings and can fly, often it will breathe fire.

Western dragons tend to live in caves in mountains or hidden away in the forests. They often guard a stash of gold. Western dragons are often used to symbolise greed.
Note: Caves symbolize the unconscious. In dreams a dragon in a cave would often symbolize unconscious fears, or a need to confront and slay unconscious fears.

Dragons vary as much as people do. Although many Western dragons are brutal, ignorant creatures who kill and eat humans others are ancient, wise creatures more akin to those found in the East. 


The Oriental Dragon Tradition

Whereas Western dragons are usually found in mountains or forests, Oriental dragons are more likely to be found in the sea. Many oriental dragons resemble water snakes.

Oriental dragons rarely breath fire, instead if a mortal annoys one then it is likely to result in great floods.
Note: When confronting the unconscious there is often a reluctance by the conscious mind to accept what is there. Often the conscious ego will throw annoying barriers so one will continue to repress or ignore unconscious contents.

The traditional Western dragon is often seen as a brutish creature to be feared. Oriental dragons tended to be wise and benevolent - as long as they were given the respect they deserved. Their chief flaw was their vanity and if insulted could cause dreadful natural disasters.

Oriental dragons fly to and from heaven in clouds but do not usually have wings. Some sources say that they gain wings after living for a thousand years. 

lololol sooooooooo awesomeeeeeee...i always dream of oriental dragons though..oh power. i am researching dragons right now and i found interesting yet not too good? lol i am so bloody confused right now. i dreamed of a yellow dragon..he was da main one in da lake that i was trying to borrow power from..and it's da most harmful of all dragons. this site says that it's because of da dissonance  between dragon souls that has become humanities karma today...


Blue Dragon –   music, dance, arts  /   altruism, pretense, misrepresentation,  care-taking
Yellow Dragon – power,  control /   demoniacal, hunt, malice, torture
Red Dragon -  intellect, philosophy /  confuse, science, enmity, humiliation
Dark Green Dragon -  caution, balance / hunted, ritual, servility
Violet Dragon – wisdom, vision – Universal Truth and Service – no negative
Orange Dragon – friendship (therefore can be manipulated) / needy, slavery, discontent, revengeful
Green Dragon -  peace, humble / avoidance, misinterpretation, prostitution

it also says that we may have ancestors that have brought about curses of da dragons thus leading to da karma we may face today...or we may have part of da original dragon soul residing us...that causes us to face curses that other dragons cast upon so confused. i dreamed of blue dragons da other day and they were my allies..and now i dream of myself asking a yellow dragon for help which was apparently cursed by da blue dragons because it has fallen to an ugly dark evil being...i really wanna read more but im bloody late for okay i'll read more and blog later..byebyeeeee

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