Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tomyam beehoon

i feel like eating sim's tomyum beehoon now..denise la! that was da last thing she said before she went to sleep lol omg 'm so tired and greedy..discovered my new craving too da fried tanghoon from lavender food square is to die for! lol da hokkien mee is so disgusting though damn how am i gonna sleep when my mind's full of food! sigh 'm so tired had an exhausting night full of dreams again..there was death and it was about glitz but i manage to turn da dream around and save her..i hate dreaming about glitz in such a way...makes losing her even more terrifying than it already is. as usual there were fights and wars ongoing and somehow me and glitz got caught up in it..glitz was pierced in da abdomen by several shards of glass..but she didn't care and kept on running around happily..i quickly rushed her to da hospital begging her to stop moving cos she was losing a lot of blood..yea she was rushed into surgery and meanwhile a doc told me that she would tend to my wounds and it was then that i realised that i was stabbed with shards of glass too..but i said it was okay just concentrate on glitz...and apparently i had some healing super so i was okay. da doc then told me it was too late she was gonna die all her internal organs were destroyed and she lost too much blood. omg..then she said if i was able to transfer some of my life energy to her I'd be able to save i did and glitz lived! what a relief...i had like four dreams last night. and two of them had da most amount of water i had ever dreamed of. a underwater cave surrounded by oceans..a hogwarts like school invaded and flooded by water...i previously had avatar-esque like dreams where i wasn't human and was part of a water tribe species too..another one where my clan were slaves to an alien race and a water pipe was plunged through my abdomen while they were toying with us...that was in a luminous water ruins surrounded by forest kind of atmosphere...there was a water theme park with actual waterfalls and rivers one so fun!

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