Monday, February 1, 2010


omg omg omg omggggggggggg at da latest one piece ep...sigh i already read da manga but watching it makes it more heartrending...luffy freaking rocks...he should be everyone's role model! lol yes i have major respect and admiration for a made up character..da determination to never give matter da stand up again and again and again and matter da self sacrifice he has to make...WAO! so many anime characters are like that...naruto..itachi...rock real life..such people are mocked to be not know their limits..sore losers..delusional..blah blah blah. if you look at those people standing at da top of'd come to realise that they are also such people. da people who continued to believe..wanting change..aiming for da top. obama is a dreamer...who has da power to make his dreams for america come true. look at da change he has brought about since his inauguration as president. haiti worst earthquake ever? no..there was an earthquake in indonesia around 2004 that was even worst..did people know? errr i dont think so. da world is becoming a more compassionate place..because of da acts of one person. so many people are putting in a conscious effort to help haiti...and less people are saying that it has nothing to do with them. so my point is...dont mock dreamers! hahaha or rather go ahead and mock'd just make them more determined. i think im stronger because so many people mock me haha thanks idiottsss LOL



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