Saturday, October 4, 2008


SHIO DESU! We just celebrated FIERA-tama's birthday. It was on October the 1st, children's day. That's just so her. Already XX years old and still acts like a freaking kid. Kuso baabaa! Shineyo omae! Too bad i couldnt be there the whole day. Anyway here are some pictures. Mostly by ANNE DARKEN.

ANNE you rock. More blooper pics of FIERA!

FIERA what the hell were you doing?

What the hell?!

Stop acting cute!

Aww.. A normal pic. Too bad!

I had lunch with FIERA & her family at Crystal jade. And i swear her dad's damn funny. He's just like Fred Flintstone. Remember him from the 1st episode of Adventures of FIERA?

This is what happens when you put Flintstone in our era. FIERA's dad was trying to take a picture of us and he pointed the camera at himself. SERIOUSLY. We were trying so hard not to laugh and we continued to pretend to smile for the camera. LMAO.

This picture is for you uncle!

The end product. Uncle takes pretty good pictures though. Unlike FIERA!

I had to leave after lunch but here's the rest of the photos!

She won these from the arcade.

This is funny. Who uses a sieve for steamboat?

Greedy glitz begging for food under the table.

Glitz can be cute sometimes. SOMETIMES!

Remember Pedro from the 1st ep? His real name is Winston. Nice blooper pic of Edison!

I swear i'm surrounded by retards. They're holding a spoon, fork, chopsticks respectively by the way.

Number one retard!

Numbers two and three.

This's so fake!

FIERA samurai version.

FIERA loves this pic. She claims that Mukuro from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! possessed glitz.
The only editing done was the six in glitz eye. Eye colour was caused by lighting. Glitz acting cute like FIERA!

The one and only Rokudo Mukuro from reborn! He can possess living things.

FIERA.. Once again Happy XX Birthday baabaa! Hahaha...

SHIO & Crew

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