Sunday, October 26, 2008


hie all! we've finally finished filming (still got editing though..zzz LOL)! Adventures of FIERA episode 3 will be airing sometime next week! for those who have been waiting...GOMEN!

edi and kobblestone have started school and it's really difficult to come up with an ep every two weeks..especially when all our schedules we'll only be coming up with one episode a month! we might make it longer and upload it in parts..but everything's still undecided cos we don't want it to be too draggy.

in da mean time..whilst we lack episodes..we'll be posting stuff like our 'Once Upon a Time in China' series and other crazy stuff too! hopefully you guys will like it!

Now here're some candid shots from Once Upon a Time in China!

haha! i dont know what im doing!

hahaha horrible pic! but i like my eyes here LOL can you see da gray?


Chinatown GLITZ!

Samurai Karu!

Speaking of Karu (Shio's cat by da way).. he looks so cool and handsome right! but actually a closet DUMBO! LOL da other day when shio was cooking ramen right..she went out of da kitchen for a while. and when she came back..she saw karu on da counter and was like...what's that burnt smell!? hahahaha then she realised that it was karu's TAIL!!! hhahaha seriously these kinda situations only happen in cartoons! just look at da pic below!

hey point in trying to act cool! LOL his fur is actually really soft..and now his tail is like an afro..LOLOL even da non burnt parts are frizzy! hahaha!

anyway that's all for now! look out for our next episode yeah..ja nya!

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