Friday, October 17, 2008

Once Upon a Time in China - Part 1

In the dilapidated outskirts of Xiongmao Shan, a lone warrior whose name was feared in all of China, Wu Ri Yao (repeat da name really fast!) the lengendary swordsman resided. Wielding a deadly sword that can cause veteran soldiers pee in their pants, Wu Ri Yao goes on a arduous journey in search of one of the 8 celestial treasures, Da Bai Jing Bao (Big White Gold Bun).

Wu Ri Yao ponders..Should she search for the Da Bai Jing Bao or the Zhang Ming Hakao?

"Ahhh...I want both.."

"Do you know where they are? Spit it out or I'll slice your goddamn head off!"

"Hmpf. Useless shit. Looks like I have to threaten someone else."

"You! Tell me the location of the Bao and Hakao or ELSE!"

Wu Ri Yao searched high and low..mountains and demons even could not halt her journey. China's countryfolk trembled in fear at the shattering demise she left in her wake.

At long last, the Heavens acknowledged Wu Ri Yao efforts (or took pity on the countryfolk) and summoned Shabadaba Guardian of the Celestial Chamber to challenge (get rid of) Wu Ri Yao.

What awaits Wu Ri Yao?

Will our legendary swordsman defeat Shabadaba?

Stay tuned for the next part of...

..Once Upon a Time in China..

P.S: All Photography By ANNE DARKEN!

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