Monday, October 13, 2008

GO! Japan Matsuri @ Central

Shio and I are asses. hahaha people go for cosplay event to take pics of cosplayers..and we were camwhoring. LOL. or rather i was camwhoring. there were more pics of shio but she didnt like them! hahaha anyway in da spirit of cosplaying..we were attempting to make our faces super flawless and animeish. but i dont think we did a very good job! i think it looks super fake..haha but dont mind us! hahaha oh yeah all pictures courtesy of ANNE DARKEN again!

da only nice pic of shio and i

shio says i look eurasian here...i think it's da lighting?


luckily i didnt fall..hahaha

my face looks so round here...


me & cubie

Ginpachi Senseeeiiiii!

KateKyo Hitman Reborn! Team

remember these 3 from our first ep? can you tell who they are in da above pic? LOL

Mukuro & Tsuna

Sei's cosplays are awesome!...can you tell how detailed her trident is? haha it really looks like it popped out from da anime!

Code Geass Team

they were also from our first ep! haha but Lelouch is still cosplaying da same chara.

Suzaku & Euphie from Code Geass
(you know da person who carried pikachu and walked past us during our interview -blooper- ? that was Euphie!)

Yuuki from Vampire Knight drinking Chippy's..LOL

and yes she's our MOE haruhi from da first ep!

we didnt take much during this event...(more pics of me actually LOL)..but for da rest of da cosplay pics click HERE! okay that's all for now...ja nya!

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