Sunday, October 19, 2008


look at what i came across da other day...i had no idea such a thing even existed. haha i mean clubs dedicated to aquatic life..sure. but solely to goldfishes? hahaha i went in to check it out anyway..and some of da goldfishes were really good. they have like different species and what not...

this little guy doesnt even look like a goldfish! lol

look at it's humongous eyeballs!

a better view of it's eyeball!!!

i think this one won most graceful goldfish?

big brain goldfish (i forgot da actual name of it!)

humpback goldfish??

this one is sooooo looks like it has blisters all over it's face though

it was da size of an egg..

another humpback looking one...totally doesnt look like a goldfish...

i forgot what this one won...haha nice pattern though

oh this is da same as da cute one just now! but a bigger version..

check out da golden hues of it's scales..looks like real gold!

bloob bloob bloob?

hahaha cute blistery goldfish again!

i like da pattern of it's fins...super jappy and zen..haha like some geisha fish. LOL

this one too!..this would represent an older geisha fish though..hahaha looks more matured. oh they're both fighting fish by da way!

i love fish...i mean to eat fish...hahahaha..when i was younger..i kept several fishes...they always died so quickly...i dont like da way they cant show emotion...cant tell if it's hungry or dying..haha...cant play with them either...hahaha it's like they're kept only for showcasing. somehow..i'd prefer to see fishes swimming in da vast ocean rather than kept in a tiny tank. it kinda spoils da beauty of nature. oh wellsss.

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