Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Once Upon a Time in China - Part 2

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And so the battle between Wu Ri Yao the lengendary swordsman & Shabadaba the Guardian of the Celestial Chamber begins...

"yawns..stop wasting my time..let's get this started.."

"Why you insolent fool! How dare you mock the Great Shabadaba! Prepare to die!"

"Oy...Great Shabadaba...Where are you aiming at...I'm behind you.."

With lightning fast reflexes, Wu Ri Yao easily dodges Shabadaba's Celestial Beam of Stone, a power said to be undefeatable.

"Che. You're the fool who underestimated me. Now DIE!"

In a blink of an eye, Wu Ri Yao's sword pierces Shabadaba's Shield of Stone.

"Ughhh! How?! How can I, the Great Shabadaba lose to a mere human like you!?!"

"Shuddup and tell me where the Celestial Treasures are."

"...Very Well. For defeating the Guardian of the Celestial Chamber, you have gained access to the Celestial Treasures. Go forth, beyond the Crimson Gate of Shakalaka Bom."


"mm. Is this the one?"

What lies beyond the Crimson Gate of Shakalaka Bom?

Will Wu Ri Yao finally attain the Da Bai Jing Bao and Zhang Ming Hakao?

Stay tuned for the next part of...

...Once Upon a Time in China...

P.S: All photography by ANNE DARKEN!

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