Tuesday, September 30, 2008

kyaaaa!!!! nakajima!!!!

i freaking spoke to nakajima san!!

he's damn boyish and shy! you know i was actually assigned to hold lewis hamilton's board during da driver's parade..but i exchanged it for nakajima! hahaha my friend's are like saying 'why so dumb..blah blah more exposure if you stick to lewis' haha but i'd rather stick to nakajima! he's da only asian racer in da whole freaking formula one! not counting takuma sato in super aguri who dropped out. he may not be da best but it's great that this worldwide sport is not dominated by 'angmohs' only. he's holding superb ground against them!

yah anyway! when da drivers all walked out i was soooooooooo nervous my board started to tremble..it's damn heavy! i didnt find da guts to talk to him until i saw da car moving off..then i quickly turned around and said 'nakajima san ato de ganbatte kudasai!' wahahahaha then he smiled, gave me this super shy boy face and waved..man! im so starstrucked right now.

yeah that was probably da best thing that happened throughout this whole race. i was THIS close to appearing on japan tv. da japanese reporters wanted to do report there with me holding nakajima's board. and then da formula1 in charge said that it's time to go. DAMN..seriously DAMN. i dont mean to be a self absorbed cam whore but im earnestly waiting for an opportunity to pursue singing there. but it slips through my fingers again. shucks. furthermore we couldnt interact with da racers..take photos..or even get autographs..worst of all we couldnt watch da race! we were locked in da stupid holding room..UGH!

standing there holdin
g da board is not as simple as it seems man. it's gets really heavy after an hour..and when all da mechanics reporters and photographers came rushing in..it became WOAHHH...so overwhelming. we had to pose and suck our tummies in for so long i thought i was gonna cramp. hahaha anyway here's some pictures..i've uploaded da rest in facebook!

weee~ sylvia me hazel

Nippon Banzai!

My grid position! Robert Kubica!

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