Saturday, September 20, 2008

GameCon Asia

haha da crew and i went to GCA today..we met mini itachi and deidara who wanted to come along. they're seriously cute! cosplaying at sucha young age..hahaha they will definitely be pros next time. their dad's so supportive of their hobbies..helps make costumes and even asked me for tips..haha sorry uncle im not a cosplayer! least not yet!

lol we saw many many familiar faces too..haha familiar faces from our interview..not cosplaying! hahaha they look so different..not in a bad way of course...just really really different. hahaha da powers of costumes and make up man. i had to do a double take at some of them. a lot of them at some point of time ended up in our pictures other events or as other characters..and we didnt even know! example was allen walker..his alias is yukihoshi i think?..he was cosplaying as allen during our interview..and today he was tsuna from reborn! amazing..Krory from DGM was cosplaying as Sadako today..ahahaha amazing..even had da tv..nice wig by da way. LOL

hahaha i spoke a little to Kagura Sougi & Yamayama WOW too (sorry cant help it<
Blooper) i know their names! oh at least their wait for their upcoming cosplays!

i really really really wanna cosplay for da next asia anime fest's on nov 22 and 23. but im still troubled over who to cosplay..shio and i kinda wanna cosplay characters from da same anime so people wont like take pictures of us separately..hazukashiiyo. hahaha ugh..any suggestions? i've wanted to do lenalee from dgm for a while..but there are so many bout a female version of kanda? not female cosplaying as male kanda..but really female kanda..? hahaha it'll be like naruto's sexy no jutsu. LOL. bahhh..kanda fan's will kill me!

best cosplayer of da day. LOL

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