Tuesday, December 28, 2010

greetings from pluto


how was everyone's christmas? mine was quite a disappointment but oh wells. im glad i still got to spend time with my close friends and family. 

anyways da MMK maids and AR butlers have an upcoming project! we're gonna be bloggers for Canon lolols and i wanna introduce someone to yaaaa~~

*bibiibeep bibi beepbeep bi* Everyone..Meet JJ da Alien. He's from Pluto...Greetings from Earth!

im hoping JJ can accompany me to da future events that MMK and AR will be participating in hahahaha! 

we had our photoshoot for canon today and my hair was really funky lolols we all had our hair done by essensuals Hairdressing (Bugis Village). they zigzag tonged my hair and spammed tons of hair spray lolols first time having such a hairstyle..i hope da pictures will turn out nice!

okayy that's all for now! 

p.s new label for mmk related stuff!

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