Sunday, December 19, 2010


woot! three blog posts in a row im on a roll lolols i had an awesome dream last night!! ughhh but i can barely remember it! it's been weeks since my last mystical magical can i forgetttttt ガ━━(゚Д゚|||)━━ン

all i remembered was i discovered da existence of magical creatures! i was so happy i cried a river of tears LOL i saw two unicorns on top of a hill fighting but they were being rode on by elves? or some human like creatures so i presume da fight was actually because of these 'elves' ahhh...arent unicorns supposed to be docile and peace loving? lols i somehow entered their magical world and and and i cant remember already. GUHHHHHHHHH 

seriously..are you a faerie or demon or unicorn or elf or esper or alien or sprite or vampire or werewolf or others?

hahaha i will discover your existence one day! 

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Anonymous said...

Very beautiful. Did you draw this?