Sunday, December 19, 2010

costumes work and play~

just wanted to blog about my recent 'working adventures' lolols da MMK mobile event at Liang Court was certainly levels below da AFAX experience in terms of tiredness and madness hahaha customer flow was very slow but it was still fun. we had even had time to do small performances and play games with da goshujinsamas!

a short performance by miyu and i. ahh sorry for da epic fail guitar..was an impromptu performance and i figured da chords out by ear...and my guitar was outta tune..and and and...booooooo :(

Moe Moe Kyun Mahou Game Time!

 Oishikunari~ Kyun~ Kyun~ Kyun~~~~

Hitomi~swan and me!

BOSSU and US (where's tomomi? where's tomomi?)

did a santarina job for a private party at One Raffles Quay just da other day too~~

da view from where da party was held...damn nice!

christmas is coming! my christmas tree is up! cant wait to see everyonee~

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