Saturday, January 1, 2011

twenty eleven!




Happy New Year Everyone! Let's hope this year would be a good one~

i ended da year rather mellowly..not usually da type to celebrate new year lols i only like to celebrate halloween and christmas hahaha i went to watch ' Nodame Live! ' with my old school friend Justin! fellow trumpeter lolols

if you haven't watched Nodame Cantabile..go watch now! it's super hiliarious!

da soloists! they played da same repertoire as da original nodame! da soloists were amazing. especially da violinist..omg she portrayed miki kiyora perfectly on stage!

my piano!

my dad took these pics..lols not bad for flintstone! lolols!

da tix! we had really bad was totally sold out and my mom's friend managed to get some for us. free LOLS

justin and me outside da concert hall..see da fox tail? lolols he got it for me from japan! SANKYUUU

best performance of da night! by da 16 year old selina tang!'d never believe she's 16..very very charismatic performance..really drew da audience in. maybe just not as sexy as miki kiyora hahahaha

in person she looks 16..but on stage..WOOT!

MONGOOSE FTW~ can you see da katana? it's an umbrella!

sayonaraaa 2010...lots of good and bad things happened but let's move on and continue to work towards our dreams!

p.s im sick of making resolutions. so im just gonna say i'll work hard. 



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