Wednesday, January 5, 2011

brain mush and jellyfish

ossu minna! 

i've been really sick..lols my brain nearly exploded from da heat. i lost 2 kg too..hahaha i guess that was da only good thing lolols i cant wait to get well! i wanna eat cakes and honeydew sago lolols dont know why i've been craving these. hope everyone is feeling okay! a lot of people have been falling sick recently...

anyway i wanna recommend this super funny anime~ lols

it's called...


i told rina to watch it too and she says it's super funny so it's not just me lols! 

it's about da lives of 5 female otakus who live in da same boarding house and their contact with おしゃれ (oshare: fashionable) people. LOLS

train otaku, three kingdoms otaku, jellyfish otaku, おしゃれ人間, otaku with old man fetish (ROFL), doll otaku

what would happen whenever these otaku come into contact or see an oshare person LOLS

but there's a twist....

da oshare person is actually a....


and da no. 1 rule in da boarding house is NO GUYS ALLOWED!

hahahahaha go watch it yeaa! it's only an 11 episode anime! just finished lolols i just watched da last episode and feel like watching it again ahahahahaha mayaya is damn funny

okayyy ja nyaa everyone~ take care!!!

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