Wednesday, January 20, 2010

heartless freaks

it's not there...da box and da bottle is gone..and da daisy was stepped on...i mean it's obvious it's a grave would you feel if someone ransacked your grave and stepped on da flowers that people gave you...have some respect for da dead man...and life for that matter....did you feel bad throwing away its coffin? no choice is it? must keep singapore clean? cant wait a few days at least until da flower dies? wow fuck you..whatever your reason....feel bad no choice...cant do many people out there would think like that...someone else would do there's no need for me to do justify yourselves thinking that it's enough that you feel guilty....ohh so righteous already see someone getting molested take accident...slow down and kpo....oh deep inside you feel bad for da person..but noone bothers doing anything.....yes yes i should shuddup about my about my holier than thou only human after all....and i wish i wasnt one. it's only worth helping animals..

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