Saturday, January 17, 2009


i went to school to collect da course materials today..was supposed to go for orientation too but was kinda pointless since i've already attended 3 orientations da end i went to town with shio..LOL..i'll probably be da youngest in my class..da admin person told me that most of my classmates are working considering that..i decided to get a new wallet...

my current wallet...nekochan..who has accompanied me for ummm...a while? hahaha..gomen ne neko chan..dont worry'll still be accompanying me as a pencil case...hahaha...a room full of working adults and it just struck me as weird and awkward to have nekochan as a i was intending to buy something

and this was what i ended up with...LOL i was really planning to buy something more mature! saw one from guess that was nice but they didnt have da longer version of it at that outlet...soooooo....on da way to another outlet...i saw THIS! i think it's more me..and way nicer than da guess wallet. LOL

see! it even has a pink fish zip..hahaha

da inside..heh

shio bought this for cute's some apron like thingy..but i think i will wear it as pajamas..hahaha..just like playing piano..

i saw a piano bag..and many other cat bags...and i managed to resist da temptation! i kinda have many um...animal bags and weird bags i think i should start to buy normal ones..hahahaha..karu decided to pee on my cat bag by da way..that ass...arent cats supposed to be toilet trained!!? starts on tues...dear brain...please wake up! WAKE UPYO!

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