Thursday, January 22, 2009


i just bought a big bag of milk bones for help her miss me less when i go to msia..hahaha...everytime she gets a bone..she's super possessive! from sucha a cute dog she becomes some fierce beast...hahah her golden stripe will also stand like some hyena..LOL..but i still find her cute..LOL


glitz begging for her first..LOL..


hahah so selfish right!


still can bare her teeth and growl at me...tsk!! so naughty!


haha i found another vid of glitz playing tug of war...that's my mum's voice in da background...LOL...


karu vs glitz who will win? when karu was cute!

karu is really like a dog...he even wags his tail...plays catch..begs for food..not as much as glitz though..

it's gonna be karu's first birthday soon...i wonder what shio's gonna be doing for we had a pet filled day..LOL...brought glitz to cut her nails....karu to da vet to clean his ears...cut karu's nails and cleaned them...cleaned their teeth...gotta bathe them tomorrow also...shio always makes me bathe karu cos she doesnt wanna be da bad guy...hahaha asss...

man...i should pack my stuff...i haven't started yet! ja nya!

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