Tuesday, October 12, 2010

rules for living in a forest

lols i came across something interesting da other day and i've been wanting to blog about it..apparently there's a label for da kind of styles that i've been sprouting...i think im damn slow lols. it's called da mori girl trend! mori means forest by da way...

Mori-Girl Rules as of August 1, 2009 (haha! why are there even rules??)
  1. You like loose fitting dresses 
  2. You always wear dresses and skirts 
  3. You prefer slightly quirky clothes over simple ones 
    (but you don’t like loud and flashy clothes)
  4. You look natural, but with your own style 
  5. You are particular about fabrics 
  6. You like ethnic clothes, too 
  7. You wear A-line clothes (what are a-line clothes?)
  8. You like wearing dresses that little girls would wear, too 
  9. You like smock-like dresses and blouses 
  10. You don’t like super sweet fashion 
  11. You like deep colors like Burgundy, Fukamidori (dark green), Koniro (navy blue) and Chairo (dark brown) 
  12. Warm colors look good on you 
  13. Short nails feel more comfortable ★★ (lols duhh...bite my nails)
  14. You like fluffy hats made of knitwear or fur (fluffy hats yea...no to da fur!)
  15. You like ear muffs 
  16. You like ponchos and boleros ★★ (wouldnt everyone know..lols i've been seen wearing my poncho god knows how many times..lols)
  17. You want to have leather bags XXX (i try not to)
  18. You use pochettes for everything (what are pochettes?)
  19. You prefer gold accessories over silver 
  20. You feel attracted to old things 
  21. You like pocket watches (mmm...)
  22. You like necklaces with magnifying glasses or large designs (mmm...)
  23. You like designs featuring animals ★★
  24. You like designs featuring sweets 
  25. You like plaid and polka dots 
  26. You like old-fashioned flower patterns X (err...not really...)
  27. You like lace 
  28. You like tights and leggings (not really...sg's too hot..)
  29. Your shoes are basic and flat soled 
  30. You like round toe shoes 
  31. If you wear sneakers you wear them like loosely fitting cute slip-ons 
  32. Instead of regular buttons you like hand-made buttons 
  33. You want to wrap your stole or muffler around yourself (yea..but sg's too hot...)
  34. In winter, a turtleneck design is your basis (i wear turtlenecks even in sg...)
  35. You like layering garments 
  36. Puff sleeves make you feel emotional (emo kana..? i like puffy sleeves tho..)
  37. You love fairy tales ★★
  38. Fair-skinned ★★
  39. Your hair is loosely permed (nope nopee..i would like it loosely permed tho...)
  40. Bob cut x straight bangs (definitely no)
  41. Straight bangs x long loose perm (nope..)
  42. Girly (HAHA unfortunately NO)
  43. You like FELISSIMO (huh?)
  44. Of FELISSIMO, you especially like the brands Syrup and &Sloe (sg dont haveee..)
  45. You like the feel of Q-pot “sweets” (huh..)
  46. You enjoy chilling out at cafés 
  47. You like walking with a camera in your hand (mm..)
  48. You unconsciously end up at variety stores 
  49. You can’t help starting collections of things you like, you are a collector ★★ (kinda obsessive sometimes..lol)
  50. Finding cute books at the book store makes you happy 
  51. You get excited when you visit a furniture store ★  (yea i like to go to IKEA...)
  52. You like making things by hand (yea...if im free..)
  53. Autumn and winter are your favorite seasons ★★ (esp. winter!)
  54. You’d like to visit Scandinavia one day (what's in scandinavia..? i want to go to vienna and france first..)
  55. You like to have round cheeks XXX (UGHH noo...makes me look fat...)
  56. If you use perfume, you prefer faint flower scents best XXX (dont use perfume...if i do..i'd like a mild fruity fresh scent...like green apples..)
  57. (You long to be) a girl that exudes a soft mood (mm...maybe..)
  58. (You long to be) an uncomplicated girl (mm...yea...)
  59. You have been told you come across as laid-back 

    (does being nua and lazy count? lols)

  60. You consider Hagumi Hanamoto of Honey and Clover to be a Mori Girl (dont watch...)
  61. Shizuru Satonaka from Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru is also a Mori Girl (dont know who...)
  62. You have been told by a friend that it looks like you are in a forest (hahaha uhh..kinda...Lols)

i checked almost everything la...lols..i like wearing clothes like that..but it's freaking hot in sg ah..i wish it was winter everyday instead of summer...lols...wet summer...worse...zzz. this whole style clashes with my band image tho...unless we play symphonic metal...then i think it's okay for me to look like im in a forest. LOL oh wellsss....

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