Friday, October 1, 2010

スパアアアー パワアアアー きゃ〜〜〜〜〜

omg omg omg! da day i have been waiting for has finally arrived! wahahahahaha one piece manga is finally out! and it's totally awesome~! it's been two years and da strawhat pirates have finally assembled~ with new looks! and certainly new powers! ahhhh one piece 最強!

ルフィー!みんな!会いたかった〜〜 \\(TcT)//

zoro looks like a mafia don! robin and nami are pure sexaay! thankfully sanji didnt become an okama! franky looks so extreme! brooke's like a rockstar! usopp's more manly! chopper's even cuter than before! luffy's got a fierce looking scar! ahhhh cant contain my excitement! i think im gonna read it again hee hee hee~

ちなみに〜今日は我がの誕生日 >.< 最強のプレゼント!

by da gonna be part of moe moe kyun this year~ yoroshikune~!

3 new meidos from MMK nyaa~!

Miyu...Rina..and Feru..

Nani?! Bigger than mineee??! lols

kekekeke~ oppai BANZAI!




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