Tuesday, October 12, 2010

♥♥♥ Moe Moe Kyun ♥♥♥

helloo just wanna say that i'll be taking part in Moe Moe Kyun during the Anime Festival Asia this year. Da event will be held on Nov 13 and 14 Suntec Convention..please do support us! 

da concept this year is a uniform themed one: Moe United College..where we will all be role playing as members of da student council lolols i'll be a newly recruited freshman guitarist!

Let's Rock!!!

da four freshmen (sans riiyoo)...miyu..rina..feru..and moe!

please join our fanpage!

here's another highlight of da Anime Festival Asia: Atelier Royale (a butler cafe!)

do check them out too!


Anonymous said...

U girls are a better looking group than Wondergirls ;)

Have fun at the fest.


FIERA said...

lols that's an exaggeration! thanks for reading tho'!