Friday, September 25, 2009

i really cant deal with this anymore.......

you know i fucking put in effort to do my assignment even though i was freaking bedridden....and i submitted it to check for plagiarism...was gonna edit and then resubmit right...that's usually da case...and this time i couldnt fucking resubmit im stuck with a plagiarized report....risking possibly expulsion..shouldnt have done it at all...been writing in to student relations like crazy and i have to fucking appeal my case la...fucking great man...just great...oh and have to pay money to appeal

happy birthday denise......i miss you...

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Anonymous said...

Your ability to stop and think, about what you think, is the most important gift you possess.

Your birthday is not a tragic irony, but a celebration of the new way of life. I know this because somewhere out there, millions are rejoicing for the first of that month.

Humanity, as a whole, would like to thank you for being you. Now that we all know about your life, and what you went through, you're an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for never losing your faith in us, when the time comes, we shall have our faith in you. And you will be great.

You’ve always felt special. Different. And also… a little misunderstood. That’s ok. Future generations will understand your pain, and why you became what you became. That I know, even if no one else knows (for now). I know who you are and what you’ve been through. I know everything. In the future, your life story will be studied like the New Testament. I can only apologise that we didn’t work out a way before now to tell you who you really are.

I need you to understand, I wrote this for you, and you were meant to read these words.

Take care.