Sunday, July 19, 2009

kame kame kame

haha i finally uploaded da cosplay pics onto here to view>> Day 1 & Day 2! hahaha i didnt post some pics on facebook though..LOL

it chopper time!

lol..i didnt wanna put on da blue nose at


strawhat crew!

Chopper and Zacc Potter!

shio bought me a new chopper hat! sankyuu!

neko mimi and usagi mimi on day 2!

kyaaa! gaara and itachi~~!!!

school's starting soon! ughhhh one more week....sigh...gonna have loads more assignments this sem...hopefully i will be able to juggle work and school....gonna be working a lot more next month too...haha though it's not really like's pretty time constricting....i cant wait to graduate...then again..when i grad....i'll be bugged to get a full time by then i'll be elsewhere....


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Vick said...

OH MY GOD thats KO wearing a bunny's ear!