Thursday, July 30, 2009

imma dead!!

it's 6.34pm and i just woke freaking class is at 7 and not 730. not only am i gonna be fucking late but i haven't printed out any of my course materials at all. on top of that i realised i have an english assignment due next week. which i know shit about. im emo and tired and i just wanna laze in bed or play piano. just not gonna go..haha what a great conclusion. lol. on a happier egyptian magic cream is here. soooo anticipating da results! seriously one of da ingredients stated is divine love lolol cheesy names yet da 'magic' it excites..ever wondered how mummies were preserved? i guess that's why everyone is so hyped up about da looking forward to silky smooth flawless skin...LOL

i dont need a broken sun..i'd rather da waning moon who would be there in my darkest hours..bleeding heart halt thy endless falters...jaded eyes cease your wretched tremors...tattered soul dont you ever shatter further....the kill is stuck in my fucking head...........

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