Monday, May 14, 2012

Partaaaaye in Korea!

An nyoung ha seh yo!

Just last week I had da opportunity to join da Fide team (Organizers of MFW) on their trip to Korea. I got to meet and socialize with many people from the fashion and music scene and it was totally awesoooome!

At Incheon Airport with Utt, Bie & da team! 

Da one on da extreme right is Benedict Goh by da way. Anyone remembers da "Pyramid Game"? Haha. I look super horrid here. Midnight flight..3am da they switched on all da lights and asked "fried noodles or scrambled eggs?" lol. wth. Started to have eye infection from da lack of sleep also. I was busy with my song all da way till I left for Korea. :( Couldn't wear contacts throughout da whole trip. Felt so blind.

We stayed at da Westin Chosun! BOOYAH~ 5 Star hotel! And I didn't have to room share cos Edison was gone most of da time! ^^

Camwhoring with Snuffles heehee

Our room view wasn't nice though...

Da bed was super comfy! They had all sorts of pillows..zen pillows..pillow made of dont know what feather haha!

Da first night was paaaartaye night! It was "Mens Fashion Week Wrap Party" as well as Frank's (Fide's Boss) birthday celebration! 

Da cake's so delicious and damn chocolatey! It's a replica of da runway with all da underwear models! da models are edible somemore hahaha!

Rose Champagne. Looks so pinkish and nice but super strong. Started to feel hot after a few sips!

Edison & I. I dont know why we are so blue. Haha we look like smurfs!

Bie & I. He's an upcoming international star..look out for him! 

Me & one of da members of 8eight!

Managed to see a front row up and personal performance by Bie and 8eight too! I dont think I can post da vids though lols. Man..Bie can dance really really well. and Bakchang (lol yea that's his name) can belt like whooooaaaaa ∑(O_O;) 

Really inspired by them. All up and coming superstars in the making ^^. I am still waiting for my pics with Sunghoon!

Utt, Bie & Frank!

My small pathetic pic of Sunghoon standing next to Bie lols!

'm like a huge fan of MCM right now. Da show and models were great! Especially with Sunghoon as da face of MCM. I'll leave MCM for another post tho!

Best party I've been to in ageeeees! After a while everyone got so high hahaha! Utt was throwing chocolates at Sunghoon..indecent people going around *ahem* shan't and can't elaborate! lols! laughed like crazy! sooo funny to hear drunk conversations. 

Okay I think I should continue da rest in another post! Still got lots to talk about! Stay tuned for Korea Part 2!

o(>< )o o( ><)o

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