Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ulzzang Bam!

Korea Part 2

After party night i spent most of the time shopping! Went to Myeongdong and Dongdaemun. I dont think there's much to do in Korea..didn't quite like da food too. A lot of pickled stuff lols. Plus its my 2nd time there.

Skyline of Myeongdong..lots of familiar brands!

Street Snacks! Da aroma was so tantalizing...but when i saw da amount of oil oooozing out i got scared lolols

Lots of mascots everywhere!

Da gang at Myeongdong!

Probably da best meal i had in Korea! A fast food pizzeria! Quite cool..da food was very authentic. Can you spot Snuffles? ^^ his favorite food is pizza!

Salad Bar. Got kinda freaked out here. There were spoons for you to scoop da salads right. Saw a Korea couple using da spoons to taste da salads! wth..I seriously hoped they were da only ones who did that! So unhygienic ugh. 

Liked da ambience of the place..so cosy ^^ overlooking Myeongdong too

Double Potato Pizza..Shrimp & Broccoli Carbonara and Seafood Spaghetti! *DROOOLS* feel like eating it again! Anyone knows how to make carbonara???

My favorite part of Myeongdong! DUM DUM DUMMM~ Dog Cafe Mascot!

It was sooooo hard to find. We walked here and there and asked for directions and still couldnt find da place! And there was communication breakdown..i was so desperate to find it i even "woof" to try to get them to understand HAHA

Wall of Fame?? 

THIS IS A DOG MENU. LITERALLY. hahaha we got zoowhang! da guy said he was da tamest of all!

All he did was sleep on da table lols!

sleepy faceee awww

Naughty Dalmation who likes to bite customer's homework lols and emo after getting scolded.

Anti-social King

Floor Mop


Black Lab! Made me miss Glitz :(

Polar Bear ^^

Moody Polar Bear

Sleepy Golden 

I love this pug's face! SOOOOO CUTEEEE

Its really only a place dog lovers can go to..it kinda smells and da dogs are all not trained! they climb on the tables and chairs and pee wherever they want to! All the furnitures kinda ruined cos they scratch and bite it too. But it was still fun! ^^ I wish i had time to go to da cat cafe :(

Went to Dongdaemun but not da tented area with da fake goods..we went to Doota? da things there are kinda expensive tho. 

Saw these life like statues in the store....so astonishing.

it was like 3am when we finished shopping! We were so tired..you know when Edison and I were walking around..we got a call from Frank saying that Big Bang's Top and Taeyang were here for a meeting with them. We were like are you serious?? Then edi was sooooo mean i was in the changing room and he was like "Fel i go first okay..byeee" I hit my head trying to change out of my clothes lo. Obviously it was a prank... :( 

Quite a number of missed and fake opportunities! lols next day Utt had a meeting with Nick Khun at MCM and we were supposed to go but overslept. BAHHHHH. 

That's Ying..Utt's Manager!

Madness at god knows what time. hahahaha


Okay. I took a really really long time to write this post. totally digressed to watch anime...read manga.. and edit some work ^^ oh yea if some of you are wondering..'m actually teaching primary school students music! We are creating an IPAD band and their performance will be on Sat. Its pretty cool! Will upload some vids next time~ That's all for now! Ja nya~!

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