Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Land of the Rising Dead

wao. it has been unbelievably long since i last blogged. i supposed it took me 5 months to get back on my feet again. and i am determined to stay afloat this time. thank you for all the encouraging assuming that some of you got directed here because of my youtube account? heehee. anyway i have sooooo many things i wanna say. but i'll start with da ABU Radio Song Competition!

what da hell is ABU? hahahaha truth be told..i find this name extremely silly. it actually stands for Asia Broadcasting Union though. i briefly heard about this competition ONE WEEK before the deadline. and i was like crap! i wanted to start afresh so i didnt use any of my old songs and i created one from scratch. i didnt have time to perfect da arrangement or get da recording professionally done either. everything was done at home..with no mic and a lousy midi keyboard with no pedal :( can you imagine how hard it is to sustain da notes??? god. i had to add so much reverb. all those 4 miserable hours of sleep finally paid off and i have my first lousy quality recording hahaha.

turns out. it's a competition that is based on 'likes' with no criteria whatsoever. i guess it's just a publicity stunt for their event. oh wells..there goes my chance of 2000bucks and performing in Korea. i would still really appreciate it if you guys can listen to it and give me constructive criticism though.

i am trying to create a completely new genre of music. havent thought of what to call it yet haha. dark fantasy pop?? so please keep an open mind (or ear lol) okay?

how was it? hahaha if you liked it pleasee CLICK HERE and help me like it okay? ^^

regardless of how this competition goes..i kinda have my own plans anyway. i wont be set back by something as minor as this. FAITOOOO OH! ^^

ps: i will blog about korea next! heehee

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