Friday, June 18, 2010

lord of da flies

im a sore throat...wahh..unbelievable. why do i get sick so easily even though i always eat soupy foods...oh wellss...i've been reading this manga called BEELZEBUB hahaha it's awesome! it's full of action and comedy and it has good looking boy + girl charas too. it reminds me of gintama. sans parodies. hahaha

it's about this delinquent who picks up a baby who happens to be da son of da demon king..aka..future demon king. lol he's forced to become da parent since baby bel (baby's name) chose him and refused to detach himself. and he has to nurture baby bel to be a strong demon king so he can destroy humanity later lolol this should be made into an animeeeee!!!!!!!! baby bel's real funny and cute. and always naked lolol okayyy im off to find more manga too read. there really shoud be more manga like these out there...sick of all those shoujo ones..

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