Friday, May 28, 2010

delirious with fever.

im going crazy..hahaha i hope i end up demented so i can laugh da rest of my life away. i just want everything to go away and disappear right now. anyway...wary that i would succumb to this madness...i decided to watch dramas and what not...and i just finished watching 'you're beautiful'...and i've learnt two things. no even if i distract myself and suppress's not gonna go away. well i knew that long ago..but it's my way of dealing. and second? i have a ponytail fetish hahaha! i like guys who can pull off ponytails...of course not da long kind ehhhh

kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! lololol

i loveeeeeeee how he can look good fierce and all smileyyy

hotness lol

KYAAAAAAAA!! how cuteee!

hee hee

one last sizzling hot pic to go~~~

hahahaha hahaha ahahahahaha lolol wahahaha hehehehe buahahahaha rofl HAHAHA

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