Thursday, May 6, 2010

whaddaya want from me

Happily ever after, 
Through yonder dreams She wanders,
Mortal sins She no longer lusts for,
Never matter, not now, not ever.
There she lays in a bed of roses and mourning,
Hear the silent forests weeping,
White as snow, cold as snow,
On a lonely winter's morning.

Piercing through our quiet lament,
The evil witches cackle with glee;
"She's dead..She's dead!
Now all shall proclaim me Queen!" One screams.
And like a bolt out of the blue,
Lightning strikes with a sword so true...

Happily ever after,
Through yonder dreams She wanders,
Neither true love's kiss nor vengeance sweet She desired.
For through yonder dreams She wanders,
Happily ever after.

da format's a little warped this time..but i kinda like da way it turned out. my insomnia's back again. im sooo tired but i had a good day..took da time to catch up with some friends..met up with jovan edi and ko. jovan and i went hunting around for this shamscam adoption thingy. supposedly claims that one of da puppy mills were being abandoned and they needed people to adopt their pups...turned out to be a prank. we later met up with edi and spent time with julius till dinner. haha met up with ko after too...long long tiring but good day. really miss spending time with everyone. i guess im gonna try to sleep now. gutto naito lol

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