Sunday, October 11, 2009


haha i know it's not morning but anyway good morning rotten seem to be in a good mood regardless of da stuff that has been happening...must be cos i've been daydreaming...lolol..i mean i daydream all da time...but some of my daydreams have continuous plots that will last over a long period of everytime im on a bus or just lying on bed i will write da story in my head....i have like more than 5 adventures in my head waiting to be explored....lolol....if i were to actually write them would be a long long long series's a nice lazy not too hot day to play my piano and just slack with glitz and stupid problems please dont bother me today....i am playing around and having da time of my life in my shoo go away....and nooo im not gonna tell ya about da adventures in my head...hahaha only shio knows LOL...

anyway...i've been drinking quite a bit recently..but im gonna stop...i really dont wanna go back to this kinda lifestyle..i know it's damn addictive and it i continue like i'll just get caught up in it all da midnight binges after drinking are making me so fat...haha...but it's hard..when da people around you are emo..myself included and wanna's just wanna feel wind in my hair...soft green grass under my bare feet....glitz's head on my back against a tree....a sweet melody ringing in my secret pasture...okay byebyeeee

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