Friday, October 16, 2009


im starting a new regime. imma gonna put in 100% all da time for piano and singing and possibly guitar. i always practiced like crazy putting in 200% for a like a month..and then i'll stop cos i'll be so frustrated that no matter how much i practice im getting no where. so here goes..

1) Piano 3 hours a day or more
2) Guitar 1 hour a day or more
3) Singing 2 hours a day (can be done while playing da piano or guitar)
4) Kickbox twice a week or more
5) Basketball once a fortnight
6) Swim once a fortnight

exercising will increase my stamina and keep me healthy and fit lol..i'll start tomorrow and see how it goes by da me playing piano for an entire day or night...improving and then getting frustrated and losing my touch....ganbaranakucha...ganbaranakucha...GANBARANAKUCHA!!!!

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