Saturday, October 24, 2009

jaded fighter's bound to lose

I can sense it, an assault on my soul
Blasted through the ages, ancient evil made whole

I can feel it, a battles begun
A fight through the ages, that's never been won

I can hear it, calling to me
The shouts through the ages, finally set free

I can see it, a shimmer in time
Flung through the ages, now clear as a chime

I can smell it, a taint of the air
Wafted through the ages, like moldering fare

I can taste it, tormenting my tongue
Diffused through the ages, like putrefied dung

And so it began, and so it will end
The war of all ages, and all must attend

p.s ive created a new label called FERU'S's a compilation of writings that i wrote and like...poetry proses...lyrics...yea...don't copy yea...

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