Monday, November 23, 2009

naruko timee~

lol..AFA was a to see kaname and k-on seiyuus...wheee..first time i was cosplaying at an actual event too......was kinda irritated with my wig though...i spent like 3 hours washing it and trying to tie it into two pigtails to no avail...wanted to do da original oiroke no jutsu de end i just let 'my hair' me never again to cosplay a blonde chara...? i looked god awful and mad as one...lolol....hopefully sasuke and i didnt get flamed...both our hairs not accurate...lolol...まーいいか~

presenting naruko and sasukeee!

team 7! naruko heart takura LOLOL

heh heh heh






team 7? LOL



normal me!! steamboat..LOL thanks edi!

omg da wig was damn heavy...i felt like i had two heads of hair! went like around 10 plus in da morning! and by 1 plus i was like ughhhhh.....lolol...okok thats all for now! じゃにゃ!

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